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Meet Melissa Bunkers, MSN, FNP-BC


My story began six months after my first daughter was born. I was back to working full-time as a busy Nurse Practitioner, obsessed with getting my "pre-baby body" back, barely sleeping, and running on E. Eventually, I found myself stuck in bed, exhausted to my bones, anxious, irritable, crying out of nowhere, nauseated, and missing out on precious time with my family. I was unable to be the mom or wife I wanted to be.

I went to my primary doctor who ran some basic tests and told me everything was "normal", but I knew better! I researched my way to balancing my hormones, became certified in Functional Medicine, and now I help other women heal their bodies too.  

I created my online Health Consulting business, Revive Functional Medicine, to give women Hope and the answers they aren't getting from traditional medicine.