The Story Behind Revive

Growing up I dreamed of being a Nurse Practitioner who would give people answers to their ailments, help them feel better, and get healthy. I was a little naïve to say the least.

What I’ve learned from being a Nurse for over 10 years is that our healthcare system is great for acute/emergency problems (I know some pretty awesome surgeons, NPs/PAs, and nurses in this space), but we’re really bad at helping people FEEL well and STAY well. We can certainly save your life or help you fight an infection but preventing chronic disease and having the time to educate our patients to take control of their well-being is seriously lacking.

My clinical experience and my own health issues led me to create a health practice that is focused on what I believe is missing from conventional medicine.

I've struggled with fatigue my entire life, but because my symptoms and 2-3 lab markers never fit into a specific “diagnosis” I was told, “You’re fine”. Get more sleep. Relax. Take a multivitamin. None of that helped! As a Nurse Practitioner I understood that my symptoms didn’t fit into a diagnosis, but I knew there had to be something else going on. I was an athlete, eating right and exercising, getting enough sleep, doing everything “right”.

Then we had our first daughter, and my energy was at an all time low. I was completely exhausted. I remember trying to convince my husband to let me spend thousands of dollars on a random online training that would teach me how to make a program for fatigue to help myself and women in my situation. I told him I had to start feeling better, and I never wanted anyone else to feel like I did. Luckily, he talked me out of that. And although I was not happy about it at the time, God had a better plan as He always does. I started researching fatigue, stress, thyroid, and hormones, discovered Functional Medicine, and took in all of the information I could.

A few months later I had a chance encounter with a new hairstylist who I had never met before who heard I was a Nurse Practitioner and asked if I ever considered doing Functional Medicine. I had not thought about Functional Medicine in well over a year because I was a brand new mom and busy working full-time. But this conversation renewed an excitement in me. I started researching schools that taught Functional Medicine, and came across the School of Applied Functional Medicine, which had been newly accredited for continuing education credits for Nurse Practitioners. It was all too much of a coincidence. I took it as a sign from above that this is what I’m supposed to be doing and enrolled in the training.

The information I’ve learned is not considered “alternative”. These are well-researched concepts. This is how the body functions at the cellular and biochemical level. It only makes sense that this is how we approach healthcare and feeling well. The key is paying attention to your symptoms- even ones that don’t necessarily fit a specific “diagnosis”. Your body is extremely wise and the symptoms you are feeling are a message telling you to pay attention. Basic lab work can tell us even more. The thing about labs is that the reference ranges that your doctor uses are not OPTIMAL ranges. That’s why your doctor can say everything looks fine yet you still feel like crap.

So what have I discovered about my own health using Functional Medicine?

HPA axis dysfunction (aka adrenal fatigue)

Low stomach acid (hypochlorhydria) and impaired nutrient absorption likely due to oral birth control and anxiety medication

Mitochondrial dysfunction- these are your body’s “batteries”!

Impaired liver detox

Sensitivity to gluten

Using diet and lifestyle changes and high-quality supplements I’m on my way to balancing my body for the first time in my life! (Hint: That extreme diet and exercise program you’re doing could certainly be causing more harm than good.)

Revive is the exact resource I’ve always needed for my own health, and I’ve talked to countless other women who are experiencing what I did. Today’s woman NEEDS this service. The education and empowerment to live less stressed with more energy! To stop ignoring all of the frustrating, nagging symptoms that prevent us from being our best- for ourselves and for the people we care for. To stop just “getting by” and feeling terrible. I’ve made it possible by creating Revive Functional Medicine.

Growing up I dreamed of having my own health practice and changing the lives of others by helping them get well and stay well. Whether I help 4 people or 4000, God is telling me “Yes you”, and as long as He’s in my corner I’ll never stop running with it.

If you have any questions or doubts about what Functional Medicine can do for you, please reach out! I’d love to chat.

Feel better,


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