A Different Perspective on C*vid and The V***ine

I have patients ask me about it all the time- should I get the v***ine? But I like to ask a different question- Is your unique body equipped to handle either C or the V?!

I do understand both sides of the fear- If I get the V will something catastrophic happen to my health? If I get C will something catastrophic happen to my health? These are legitimate concerns given the state of our overall health, and I’ve seen first-hand the negative consequences of both.

But I will say this: There is such a lack of emphasis on health promotion in this country, and it shows up as immune systems that are in over-drive on an everyday basis. This is due to things like crap food, stress, and toxins to put it (very) simply. Throw a p*ndemic or a V on top of that, and you sometimes get a massive inflammatory storm that shows up as severe wide-spread pain, neurologic issues, respiratory distress, organ failure, other “unexplainable” symptoms, and/or death.

We’re really all on the same team here but most of us aren’t asking the right question! And a lot of healthcare professionals aren’t addressing the real answer, which is health promotion. Finding dis-ease dynamics and imbalances before they turn into full-blown diagnosable diseases. I understand a lot of healthcare professionals are busy trying to keep the pandemic under control, but can we please please please start to question our diet, lifestyle, and environment that are rendering us incapable of feeling great everyday, let alone handling a new v*rus or v***ine?!

It’s really no wonder people are experiencing terrible, life-changing consequences of both the V and C. I recently had a patient with gut issues who had just come from her dietitian who gave her the advice to drink Kool-aid, soda, fruit juices, and Hi-C to “get her calories in”. I saw the handout with my own two eyes. Are we for real?!?! Under no circumstances should that be the advice patients are given from healthcare professionals! It's absolutely infuriating! 

Believe it or not, you do have control over your health, even during a p*ndemic. It's just that hardly anyone is talking about it or giving you the tools needed for resilient health. I'm not saying there would never be a death from C if everyone would eat more broccoli and exercise (it's much more complicated than that). But believe it or not, you do have control over your health even during a pandemic.

So with that being said, here are my top ten recommendations for obtaining and maintaining optimal health, p*ndemic or no p*ndemic:


1. Sleep must be a priority- get at least 8 hours every night.

2. Water- Drink half of your body weight in ounces daily.

3. Eat whole, fresh food, not edible food-like substances.

4. Get fresh air every single day.

5. Reduce screen/technology time. Be present for your relationships.

6. Do something everyday that brings you joy, even if it’s only 10 minutes.

7. Move your body- doesn’t have to be structured exercise, just move more!

8. Reduce toxin exposure, especially in things you’re eating and slathering on your skin. Toxins contribute to inflammation! See my post here for more info. 

9.Take an honest look at your stress level- Check out this Stress Reduction Guide for more actionable steps you can take right away!

10.Get your labs reviewed by a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner. Someone who looks for imbalances before they become diagnosable diseases.

I hope this article restores a bit of confidence that it is very possible to take control of your health! Don't under-estimate the power of these simple daily habits. 


Feel Better,


Melissa Bunkers, MSN, FNP-BC


Nurse Practitioner

Certified Functional Medicine Expert

Revive Functional Medicine

IG @revivefunctionalmed